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Way excited to announce my Attack on Titan giveaway, where you get to pick one of nine prizes! Just “like” or reblog this post to enter, do both to enter twice. You have several opportunities to enter. (You must be a friend/follower to win)

If you win, you get to pick from the prizes in the pictures.
(Please note that I reserve the right to change prizes if, for some reason, the item becomes unavailable.)
Winner will be selected and announced in October via
This is an international giveaway. Most, (if not all) items can be shipped worldwide.
Attack on Titan not your thing? Never fear, a Dr. Who giveaway will be here soon. Trigun giveaway in the future.

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While I’m very glad that teachers exist so they can teach us and give us an education, I absolutely despise when they show up right as class starts. Especially when the door is locked up until that point.
Not to mention having a fire drill at 5am.

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